Acquisitions, capital market transactions

At Mrowiec Fiałek and Partners, our attorneys have exceptional knowledge and extensive experience in advising clients on acquisitions and other capital market transactions.

Our team responsible for capital market transactions is led by Zbigniew Mrowiec, a co-author of the current capital market regulations in Poland and a co-creator of the Polish Securities and Exchange Commission.

In addition, as deputy chairman of the Polish Securities and Exchange commission from 2004 to 2005, he directed work on a comprehensive modernisation of capital market regulations in Poland, which improved and updated supervision procedures, liberalised markets, and increased transparency.

Our attorneys have completed numerous transactions that were innovative on the Polish market, including:

  • the first acquisition of a company on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE);
  • the first hostile takeover;
  • the first delisting of a company’s shares;

The law firm specialises in conducting capital market transactions, including:

  • acquisitions of listed companies;
  • calls to subscribe for the sale or exchange of shares in public companies;
  • transactions to acquire significant blocks of shares in public companies;
  • processes for selling large blocks of shares;
  • accelerated bookbuilding (ABB) transactions;
  • mergers, divisions, and restructuring of capital groups which include listed companies, or transactions with listed companies;
  • delistings, public to private transactions (P2P)

Completed projects

  • Work Service S.A.

    Advice on acquiring a strategic investor and concluding a conditional investment agreement with Gi INTERNATIONAL S.R.L., including preparing the transaction structure, conducting negotiations, and preparing and signing a conditional investment agreement. Pursuant to the investment agreement, the Investor will provide the company with financing in the amount of PLN 210.2 million.

  • Ceramika Nowa Gala S.A.

    Advice on reviewing strategic options and during negotiations with the Investor – Cerrad sp. z o.o., as well as well as during Cerrad’s acquisition of Ceramika Nowa Gala.

  • ZAP Sznajder Batterien S.A.

    Advice on acquiring 100% of shares in NEF Battery Holding S.à r.l., the majority shareholder in Orzeł Biały S.A.

  • Redan S.A.

    Advice on co-financing from TXM S.A.

  • Altus TFI

    Advice on acquiring BPH TFI, which manages assets worth over PLN 2.5 billion.

  • Group of open pension funds

    Advising minority shareholders of Global City Holdings NV in connection with the company’s delisting.

  • Funds managed by Franklin Templeton 

    Advice on the delisting of Fortuna Development, the second delisting of a foreign company on the WSE.

  • Private investor

    Advice on the sale of a company listed on the WSE to a strategic investor.

  • Bank Przemysłowo–Handlowy S.A.

    Advice on the merger with Powszechny Bank Kredytowy S.A.

  • Enterprise Investors

    Advice on the acquisition of the Skarbiec TFI fund.

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